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    Chocolate Buckwheat Porridge

    30 minutes

    super easy

    serves 1

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    1 cup of buckwheat
    1,5 cups of plant-based milk I use unsweetened almond or soy milk
    1 tbsp nut butter (optional)
    1 a handful of dried raisins (I like to combine them with cranberries)
    1 pear or apple (finely grated)
    2tbsp of hemp seeds or chia seeds (you can also add flax or sunflower seeds... it's up to you)
    1 to 2tsp maple syrup or honey
    a handful of 70% vegan dark chocolate or cacao powder, vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom
    a handful of fresh berries (optional)
    coconut flakes and cocoa beans

    Nutritional Information

    200g Fat
    100g Protein
    146g Sugars
    436g Calories
    24g Carbs
    137g Trans fat



    Let the rinsed buckwheat simmer together with plant-based milk, pear and raisins for about 10 minutes, stirring often.
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    Remove from the heat, add other ingredients, mix and let rest covered for another 10 minutes.
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    - enjoy this part; make it a moment of pleasure. You can eat porridge warm or cold. Sprinkled with fresh berries, nuts or pieces of coconut. Fine-tuned with a spoonful of vegan ice cream or plant-based yoghurt.
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    *Nutrition info is a rough estimate based on the ingredients. Note that values may vary from case to case.
    *As with all recipes, there is a number of ways you can get things done. If you believe that some of the instructions can be improved, or have a good alternative solution, feel free to leave a comment.

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